As a woman who has had multiple sclerosis for over twenty-six years, I finally decided after a series of falls that I could no longer rely on walking safely on my own.

As it is important for me to keep my independence, I wondered if crutches might help. I went online to see if I could find anything suitable. I already had a pair of standard grey crutches, but they made my hands sore and they slipped in wet weather.

I quickly found this ‘Cool Crutch’ website and thought the Smartcrutch, with their lower arm support, might help me. I rang them in the UK and spoke to a very helpful man who answered all my questions and was perfectly happy to let me try them for a week after which I could return them if I didn’t like the feeling of walking with them.

On the contrary, I find them comfortable and easy to use. The sloping forearm with the handle makes a huge difference compared to my original upright forearm crutches. On days when my legs feel heavy and I need to rest frequently and there is nowhere sit down, I can lean forward on my crutches and because the weight is distributed between my legs and my arms, they afford immediate relief. I don’t hunch over with this design, as the crutches offer support which helps my posture.

Thank you for your help in my selection and final decision to buy the Smartcrutch

Siobhán Basquill