Crutch Reviews from Allison Mann

The great Mountain Bike World Champion recently had some trouble when she bailed hard on a circuit at the World Cup in Windham. She is now recovering on SmartCrutches!

MedSport crutch reviews on the SmartCrutch

Sports bracing is often used to prevent injury in high impact sports or to allow the individual to return to activity after a more serious injury by protecting or limiting movement in a joint in order to protect ligaments or bone. Surgical bracing is used for post-operative rehabilitation and is recommended to ensure a rapid and satisfactory recovery for both surgeons and patients alike.

Special Considerations: Modern, off-the-shelf braces which are available in a wide range of sizes to optimize fit. However, in some situations, custom fabrication of a brace is necessary to accommodate unusual anatomy.

21st Century Crutch

Check out this latest review for “A Crutch for the 21st Century” Thanks Gadgeteer!

SmartCRUTCH, a crutch for the 21st century

Josh Sundqvist Reviews for Amputees

Josh Sundqvist tweets that finally his wrists will have a huge weight lifted off them this week as his new smartCRUTCHES, and here’s a video of him reviewing the crutches and the difference they make for Amputees