Because of the adjustable design of the smartCRUTCH, we regularly receive fantastic feedback from patients and health care professionals alike dealing with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and OA (Osteo-Arthritis).  Below is testament to the feeback from one user Gilly

Osteo Arthritis and smartCRUTCH

Hello Colin,

Just to say thank you for the speedy dispatch of my new Smartcrutches. They arrived this morning. Three days from order to receipt, across continents, is most impressive. As a sufferer from multiple joint osteo-arthritis, I was unsure as to how the Smartcrutch design might work for me. Having tried various angles on the fore-arm rest I have opted for a 45 degree angle. This immediately took the stress from my wrists, hands and thumbs. Also I certainly have a much better posture. My spine is more upright. I hope that, in the long term, my hip and knee pain will not deteriorate as fast due to my improved posture. I am feeling very positive about using them.

One comment : And I don’t know if this is possible with the design. Whilst the soft lining in the fore-arm rest is very comfortable, for me, I find that the heat generated makes my fore-arms perspire, thus a potential for irritation. Would the design stand up to air-holes being incorporated into the shell and lining?? I realise this might weaken the arm, and may not be possible. I hope that you don’t mind my comment. (I do not intend to do this, purely a design suggestion).

You have designed a great product. I look forward to getting around with greater ease from now.

With thanks