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1st July 2014

Hi There

We spoke a little while ago about the crutches we bought for our ten-year-old daughter. Apologies for not responding sooner.

Our daughter, Willow, is around 11 and a half stone, 1 and a half metres tall, and her arm is 230mm from the inside of her elbow to the start of her wrist.

Your crutches have made her far more mobile than the standard NHS ones could ever do. Not only have they reduced the pain in her wrists, but also made her more comfortable and confident when walking.

I see no reason why your product cannot me sold to children in general.

There seems ample scope for adjustment to suit.

Many thanks


25th June 2014

Hi Jason

The Smart Crutch is possibly the best thing since sliced bread in my eyes, every Doctor and Physio I have seen has been totally amazed by them.

They are both stronger and sturdier than other crutches on the market that I have had before, but at the same time they are just as light.

I bought my pair of crutches 3 years ago, and I initially was worried about spending £79 on them, thinking were they worth it, but literally with in a minute of using them I knew it was money well spent, and possibly the best purchase I have ever made!!!

They are out of this World, and have even appeared in an episode of Dr Who

I would recommend these crutches to everyone reading this, and assure anyone who maybe wondering whether to buy a pair to do so as you wont regret it.

The only thing that has needed replacing in 3 years are the Ferrules (the rubber feet) and I thank Jason for the quick response great services he has given me.

Marks out of 10, well for the service and the Smart Crutches themselves it has got to be 10

Many thanks

Andy from Kent

17th June 2014


Its been a year since i bought a pair of your wonderful red smart crutches. Since then I have accomplished so much with them. I completed my first mile in over 9 years, I walk taller and in less pain.

My doctors are amazed at them and have asked me all sorts of questions so hopefully they have referred others to you. I spent nearly a year without walking and finally after surgery I could get around with a stick but not far. Then using a stick took its toll and arthritis set into my wrists and finally my left hip dropped an inch as I walked to one side.

Now I use my forearms and my back and hips are straight and everyone has noticed the difference in me.

I do have one little problem, when we get sunshine, I know its not often, but I get really bad heat rash on my arms from the black spongy rubber bits. Could you find a way of making a cotton cover for the summer. Its just when you use them all day then I get large red rashes all down my arms which itch.

Apart from that you are doing the most marvelous job and I recommend you to everyone I meet.

Thank you for changing my life.


Posted today the 3rd June 2014 Originally sent to us on 26th February 2014

Hi Jason,

pink crutches with modificationThanks for the speedy dispatch, I can’t wait to get my new Smartcrutches!

My Mum bought me a single red crutch for christmas. It was to replace a gutter crutch that I use on my right side. I was injured in Bosnia in 2000 whilst serving in the army and as well as some trauma, also have osteoarthritis in both ankles and following use of a walking stick,my right wrist.

I usually only use the one crutch as my left ankle is the worst, but when my injuries play up I need support on both sides. At the moment I’m using one Smartcrutch and one horrible grey NHS normal crutch. When my new ones arrive, I’ll be able to use one as a gutter crutch and one in the more traditional position but they’ll match!!

The Smartcrutch I’ve been using since December has been great – it’s much lighter than the NHS issue gutter crutch and also looks better. I did have to make an adjustment to it though. I use it in a virtually horizontal position and found that the plastic dug into my upper crutches with bow By tying a cord around the upper part of the crutch, the 2 ends come together and it now doesn’t rub or dig in. This also means that the crutch stays on my arm if I let the hand grip go.

I’ve enclosed a photo so you can see what I mean. It would be fairly easy I think to make this a more permanent adjustment. Holes/slits could be put in the plastic so that just a short length of velcro could be used to draw the sides together.

Despite this adjustment, I’m really pleased with the crutch, hence my new order! I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Feedback from smartCRUTCH

velcro straps for smartcrutch forearm cuff

Thank you Rachel for your honest and inspiring testimonial. We were in the process of doing further development to the crutches, one of which was your particular suggestion. Thankyou!

ps: I must say though, I really liked your pink bows :-)


9th May 2014


I have been trying the crutches on a daily basis since I got them, I have recommended them to a number of people as they are so good, the fact that you can put them into the most comfortable position for yourself is fantastic, I was recommended these by an occupational health nurse at work and I would never have imagined the benefit that I get from them.

I was warned that they were expensive but for the benefit that you get from them it is a small price.

The delivery was very quick well let me correct that extremely quick, I am not quite sure how you got them here so quickly.

Thank you to everyone, they are a great product and a fantastic service, I would give a testimonial to anyone for them.


Diane Buckingham

1st May 2014

Dear Jason,

My smartcrutches arrived today. So easy to adjust to your height and everything. I love them. Thank you so much for putting this product out there. The delivery was so quick.

Thank you once again.

Kind regards



I suffer from degenerative Arthritis of the knees, which has left me virtually unable to walk unaided. I am too young for knee replacement. I also Have Addisons disease, which causes muscle weakness and pain. I recently had Carpal tunnel surgery which failed, which left me unable to use my hospital crutches.
The hospital offered me Arthritic crutches, which were ugly and very uncomfortable. I searched the internet and came across the SmartCRUTCH and was amazed! I went onto the shop and saw these crutches, I watched the video and was hooked! I loved the colours, and the arm grip looked very smart. I order an orange pair straight away.
Two days later they arrived. I took to them straight away. They are very comfortable and support well. You can walk normally and the handle is easy to grip. I have had many people look and comment how great they look, as being 43, and needing crutches for the rest of my life, I don’t want ugly hospital crutches.
They are real value for money. I cannot say thanks enough and look forward to buying another pair in the future.
Thanks Jason

Anne-marie |Warwickshire|England


Hey Jason and the rest of you guy’s,
pink crutches from smart crutches used by michelle
Thank you all ever so much… Today the revised design crutches arrived and Michelle is already breaking them in…

I have attached some pics to show you how well they fit her too… At a first glance I would say you guys have designed these specific crutches as a “childs” / Teenagers or small adult fitment? :-)

Amazing! I see the new pink support material, smaller diameter arm collar foam lined with Velcro. Shorter forearm support bringing the grip position back which offers elbow knuckle relief at the back. This is clear in the pictures of Michelle. Also I detect a change of pivot bolt material too!? Forearm grip adjustment bolt same material as is the pivot bolt thumbwheel washer.

The one main shocker was as these are designed as a “small size” which is perfect for Michelle, the stanchions are very short! In the pics you will see the Stanchions are on hole ten for max height… If she wears heals I will have to put an old pair of the stanchions on for extra height… Please let me know if I’ve missed anything!? (nice choice of rubber over-mould grip will see how it fairs up)

Guy’s I cant thank you enough! Michelle is made up… these will be her ‘best pair’ used primarily for road / day work… I will leave your ferrule/foot design on these unless Michelle notices any extra fatigue.

Guy’s you’ve all done AMAZING work and thank you… these are brilliant… Michelle just screamed at her mum with excitement… “Mum look at my new crutches”!!!

Please let me know if I can give you guys anything or help in return?

Our Very Best Regards to you all,

Thanks again,

Baz and Michelle


Thanks for your email.

I do already own a pair of smart crutches and I love them. Wish I had discovered them years ago. I’ve been on crutches for 15 yrs and the ordinary crutches have had an impact on my hands, leading to operations involving small bones being removed. Had I of discovered these back then, I am sure I wouldn’t of been going down the operation route.

I have recommended them to other people whilst in hospital having my second hip replacement and I know one lady definitely purchased a pair herself. I’ve had this pair for a few years now and there’s nothing wrong with them just fancied a colour change.

You can use this reply as a recommendation if you wish, there’s no way I would go back to ordinary crutches now.

Well done to the guy who invented them.


Jean Miller


Thanks Jason.

I’ve been a smartCRUTCH user for about three years now, although the pair I have (which were shipped over from South Africa) are getting a bit battered now, which is why I decided to get a new pair.

I find them very comfortable and easy to move about with. Incidentally during the Christmas break a German man at motorway services in the north of England asked me about them and even took photos, as he was interested in getting a set for his young disabled daughter. I passed on the website address to him.


John Quinn


Hi Jason

Sorry I haven’t been back to you straight away but have been ill in bed but received the poles and very pleased with them as feel now they are just as I imagined the crutches to look.

Tried the crutches out for the first day and took a bit of getting used to after using the NHS crutches for a couple of years. After about an hour I was well into them and couldn’t believe the difference to how all my joints felt. And found I could be out and about for a lot longer and when I got home the difference was amazing regarding my body joints and tiredness.
Usually I struggle as time goes on with all my joints really painful and aching and usually made worst by using the old crutches.

The smart crutches are fantastic and the difference they make is hard to believe and are far better than I ever expected not just supporting my legs better but my arms shoulders wrists were so much better. Using the old crutches put strain on my upper body through supporting my legs by pressing down on the palm of my hands which then affect my arms and wrist and shoulders.

The smartcrutches support my legs in a completely different way and although you said they would I didn’t think it possible but yes they are the best purchase I have made for a long time. And worth every penny. Not only do they make me feel better and walk further but they also look amazing which in itself makes you feel better.

Many thanks for a great product and for providing a great service which I was so pleased with. Will Recommend them to anybody and everybody.

Cheers Jason very pleased and thanks for the time you took in sorting things out so quickly and showing the care and attention to my order.


Allun Williams


I chose a SmartCrutch after speaking to somebody else using them for the exact same reason as me; Connective Tissue Disorder with a side of dysplastic joints. I had a brief go and was immediately sold, purchasing a set within an hour.

Having been using the SmartCrutch daily for a couple of weeks now, I’ve found that strain on the hands and wrists is much decreased; Within a couple of days of receiving these, my wrist pain was greatly reduced and I regained much dexterity that I had lost. The angling options also allow you to set it so as to remove the temptation to use them in a fully load bearing facility; This has greatly relieved the pain in my elbows and shoulders, though it has not completely eliminated it. It has also forced me to use a proper walking motion, as opposed to the massive leg preference I had before. In addition, I’m subluxing my upper limbs far less, as the weight is more evenly distributed through the joints. Note that you will get still get a bit of rubbing and soreness on your thumb and index fingers; climbers tape works wonders here, and it is far less pronouced than the normal gaping hole you end up with on your palm.

The downsides;
The rubber covers on the handles started to come away within a few hours of use, and have now completely come off; Prior to that, I was having to stop and adjust them regularly, as the movement they start to gain seriously compromises the stability and feel of the crutches.
The forearm pieces are also a little large, and could do with being smaller; It is easy to “lose” the crutch if you catch it on a lip, for example when climbing onto a train or ascending steps. It is worth noting that I have extremely narrow limbs, however.
My arms also have a tendency to slip downwards on the armpiece, and I find myself having to stop and “reset” my hand position and push my elbow back up, though this may be because of the rubber grip shifting up over time.
It is also slightly harder to pull yourself upright from a seated position with them on your arms, as opposed to traditional forearm crutches, though that’s expected since you are lacking the hinged part – and honestly, I’ll take the moment of slight awkwardness for the ease of movement otherwise afforded

Overall, a huge improvement over the standard forearm crutch. I’ve had a couple of medical staff asking about them and where to get them, and I am forever fielding questions about them, how they work and where to get them. I am extremely happy with them and wish I’d bought a set much earlier.




Dear Jason

Thanks you so much for your excellent service with my purchase of the black Smartcrutch.

WOW is all I can say, I have been able to walk round work much easier and with far less pain using these as well as at home and for shopping and best of all have been able to keep up with my very energetic 6 year old son without having to stop for pain breaks.

These truly are making a huge difference to my life!

With this making such a difference I am wanting to purchase another couple of pairs in different colours for me at home so I can coordinate better, as a girl must.

I seem to recall reading that you made a purple pair, is this correct and do you have a picture as I cannot see this on the website? Also would you offer a discount for me personally purchasing an additional two pairs with the straps??

I have also forwarded all your Smartcrutch details to and flyer to my spinal injuries unit in Sheffield and also to the Caudia Equine Syndrome group that I am a member of.

I truly cannot endorse this product enough.

Kind regards

Rachel Walker-Howard


Hello Jason

I received my crutches last week and have used them.
What attracted me to the SmartCrutches was the potential for spreading the weight bearing along my arms and away from the wrists. This they did and I am happy with that. The adjustable arms are a very good idea. The crutches are extremely well made and the design well thought out. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Thank you once again for the good customer service I have received.

Best regards, Sally


Dear Jason

I just wanted to let you know the crutches arrived today.

They are great, do the job perfectly and don’t cause any pain to my wrists. I am so impressed I have already passed your site onto someone else who is looking for crutches but has carpel tunnel problems.

“You have no idea how hard I looked for something like this and could only find arthritis crutches which were over £60 for one. This product is much better, love the colours (but you do need a purple pair) and am happy to spread the word and for you to use it on your site”.

I have to add the quick delivery was a very nice surprise too.

Thank you for a great solution.


“Smartcrutch got me through 3.5 months of not being able to walk after being hit by a car (tibial plateau fracture). There is no way I would’ve been able to function at the level I did during that time with conventional crutches. Those conventional crutches destroyed my hands and shoulders after only 3 days of use. I’m glad I found smartcrutch. I highly recommend them to anyone.”

Doug Kim

smart crutch testimonial about pain free useby Andre Pretorius

“I am handicapped and wear braces on both legs. Due to a sever fall in January I was forved to use regular crutches and a walker. Because these devices cause undue strain on one’s wrists and hands I developed compression of the ulnar nerve which led to a numbness in my fingers. Purchasing your crutches has not only allowed me to move about more freely but is helping to ease the compression.
Your product is lightweight and very comfortable to use. I just wanted to let you know I am extremely satisfired with your crutches and most impressed by your personal phone call and customer service. You rarely see that these days in business practices and you should be commended.

My Sincere Thanks”
Mary F.

Smart crutch testimonial about comfort by Akona Ndungane

“Hi About 12 months ago i bought the Smartcrutches for my wife which she has found invaluable as she has spinal damage after 2 traffic accidents (not her fault!). We recently asked my mother-in-law to try my wife’s Smartcrutches as she has spinal damage following surgery she was amazed how good they are for her condition and asked me to order her some as soon as possible….”

David L. Hancock

“These crutches are a *huge* improvement over the underarm or forearm crutch. I tore my Achilles tendon, had surgery, and I’ll be on crutches for about 7-8 weeks. After just 1-2 weeks using underarm crutches, my hands were hurting and my sides were sore where the crutches pressed against me. I looked for forearm crutches to see if they were any better and in my search came across the SmartCrutch. They took some getting used to but once I did, I *loved* them. My hands and sides no longer hurt and it feels so much better to distribute my weight into my entire arms and upper back. Thanks!”

Julie N. / Arlington, MA

“I’ve had two amazing pairs of crutches – orange and green. They have been invaluable and amazingly comfortable. I am a teacher and have found they allow maximum movement around school, as well as a classroom. They are firm, yet allow flexibility.”

Jo Bunn

“Dear SmartCrutch,

Just wanted to say that your crutches are, without a doubt, the best product available on the market today. I had to use these for over 8 weeks after having reconstructive foot surgery. They are so comfortable to use you have to wonder why it took so long for somebody to figure out a design like this. No wrist strain, no armpit bruising, chaffing or discomfort. The adjustable arms let you create the angle most comfortable for you. My orthopaedic surgeon had never seen them before and was very impressed with the design as well. Can’t say enough about them!”

Jeremy Lane

“I am 42, retired and have been using crutches for 6 weeks now due to a broken leg. The crutches are very useful and have certainly raised a lot of attention with their design. The concept is great and has certainly helped me get around without constant pain in the shoulders and wrists. Thanks and regards.”

Maarten De Graaf

“I am a disabled lady using crutches to walk. I found the smartCRUTCH so comfortable to use, I no longer have pains in my shoulder from crutches. I recommend these crutches to people!”

Lehlogonolo Chokwe

“I am 24 years old and was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 2. I have been on crutches for 9 years… Traditional crutches gave me severe back & hip pain. My friend suggested smartCRUTCHES… no more pain and my posture has improved tremedously. Thank you so much!”

Talana Potgieter

“My leg is broken in freak accident. The tibia and fibula are snapped. I select Surgical Rebuild using a titanium rod. I come home last Friday. I struggle with Regular Underarm Crutches, this is not my first trip to the crutch rodeo. I have used them on two other occasions – didn’t like them either time then. This time I must be Non-Weight Bearing for 6 weeks. Like anyth
ing I do now – I google my options.

These gems pop-up – I research and watch videos – sounds promising. I call the guys. The guys that work there they know crutches – and injury. The also know business – I can return them if the aren;t magic (he didn’t say magic – but after using them you will).

The Crutches show up today – my left elbow is already screaming in pain with tendonitis from the Underarm Crutch. I slide them out of the box – set the arm angle to max as directed, adjust the handle length and adjust the height. I wobble a little – you will need upper body strength – but no more than a regular crutch IMHO. You will need a little sense of balance. I go down the hall and come back to the bed. I increase the angle to get more weight support. I use them to get around all day. I am no longer exhausted from going down the hall – there is no longer an elbow on fire. I am content – I bought a great product.

I won’t be going back to the other crutch. If you are an athlete and get hurt – get these. I was an athlete once. At 6’3″ 225 I am at the top of the usage chart – but they work great. If you are taller – don’t get hurt until next year – rumor has it they will have a tall model by then. Oh, I am over 50 years old – No one loves crutches – I do love what these crutches provide me. Smart Crutch – Very Smart.

If there is one major difference it is you can’t really free you hands. But that only applies to total Non-Weight bearing use. You won’t care – the relief provided is a worthy exchange. Do your homework – try them – you will feel better for it.”

J. Moritz / Vancouver, WA