SmartCRUTCH™ modular design has assisted many people

Because of the Modular Design, providing Optimum mobility and Comfort, the following users had some positive input to share.

Guillain Barre Syndrome.

On November 4th 2007 I was diagnosed with Guillain Barrè Syndrome.

I spent 11 months in I.C.U. Medi City Vereeniging. I was totally paralysed from the neck down and could not speak either. A trachea was inserted into my wind pipe via a hole in my throat to enable me to breath.

After numerous setbacks I was eventually released to the Rosebank rehabilitation clinic where I spent another 5 months. During these 5 months I was taught basic functioning skills.

From there I stared at “Rehab Matters” with intensive physio. After 6 months I could stand between parallel bars and could take a few steps.

I progressed to using crutches , but could not use these crutches with much success due to the lack of support on my arms. I had limited use of my hands and arms. A week later I got introduced to the Smart Crutch. I did the same procedures and was able to walk two steps between the parallel bars. On instruction of the physiotherapist I took a few more steps and was able to accomplish these as well. This was due to the support given by the Smart Crutch.

A previous injury to my shoulder enhanced my problems with using crutches but the Smart Crutch supported the shoulder by taking off the weight and displacing it to the lower arm section.

I have been using the smart Crutch for eleven months now and could not have been this able bodied had it not been for the Smart Crutch. I am grateful for the opportunities that these crutches have given me and the enhancement they have brought to my life.

I can recommend these crutches and would encourage anybody to use them.

Deon Van Rensburg

Vanderbijl Park
South Africa
+27 82 510 7964