Hi there!

My fiance, Ian Casely, bought me a set of smartCRUTCHES about a month ago. Before that, I was using the normal hospital crutches issued here on the NHS, with added makeshift foam padding on the hands which the nurses had taped on for me.

I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and one was operated on about two months ago. I also have osteoarthritis just about in every joint, spinal stenosis in my lower spine and neck as well as two replacement knees. Due to an infection in the bone holding one of the knee replacement implants, the bone is breaking away from the metal implant and the knee is very unstable after only 6 years. So, I now need three operations to put things right again in just that one knee. The other knee will also most likely need some work.

I was in agony using the “normal” crutches issued by the hospital, as my weight was going on the left hand with a fresh operation and the right with severe carpal tunnel (awaiting an op). Watching me struggle, my fiace searched the internet for help and found smartCRUTCHES. He ordered them and after excellent communication with your company, amazingly the very next morning they arrived! The benefits are amazing, especially given the low July price we paid:

My hands are no longer keeping me up at night, wracked with pain! I can walk without pain in my hands and I find that I feel far safer and am walking taller, partly due to the way the rubber foot of these crutches adjusts to any slant in the floor or ground I am walking on and partly as I am not bent over with so much pain in my hands and back. I cannot thank the designers of these smartCRUTCHES enough.

I feel so much safer and stronger when surrounded by our three Irish WOlfhounds as they can no longer push me over so easily, when they greet me first thing in the morning. Yesterday I had my first operation to identify what it is that is making the bone break away from my implant. The second, beginning of September , will be to put in a special temporary knee and treat with high doses of antibiotics. Then six weeks later, once the bone has healed, I will be given my permanent knee.

Already the orthotics departments, the physio departments, the occupational therapy departments and my orthopaedic surgeons in the two hospitals I am being treated in, have been fascinated by my smartCRUTCHES and have asked for your web address. I have told them all about the benefits I have found personally, even including the fact that They don’t make me feel so disabled looking, as everyone remarks on how smart and cool they look.

So, Many, many thanks! Having a lovely pair of smartCRUTCHES makes it that little bit easier for me to face the operations ahead. I am told I will be on them for a long time, possibly even permanently. Makes me think, maybe I should get some in a second colour, just to make using them even more fun?
Much love to you all for the great job you are doing!

Best wishes

Janie xxx, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Wales