smartCRUTCH™ is Engineered with Robust and Durable Materials.

Only weighing 990 grams per crutch. Ergonomically designed grips to suit the natural wrist and hand positions in a neutral state; Left and Right hand. Adjustable forearm brace, allows individual setting to suite ones own comfort requirements.

Memory foam for maximum comfort | Adjustable leg length for your required height | Crutch ferrules ensures horizontal adherence to the ground.

smartCRUTCH™ Design

smartcrutch visual showing features

smartCRUTCH™ Specifications

  • Forearm platform angle adjustable from 22.5° to a 90°.

  • Height adjustment: 10 positions.

  • Forearm platform foam padding – Memory Foam for long lasting comfort.

  • Pressure reduced by up to six times per square centimeter (0.5kg/cm2).

  • Hourglass-shaped crutch ferrule design, maximises surface contact.

Smartcrutch EXTRA SMALL
(Old Name: Junior)
Smartcrutch SMALL
(New Model)
Smartcrutch MEDIUM
(Old Name: Midi)
Smartcrutch LARGE
(Old Name: Maxi)
Weight of Single SmartCRUTCH 520g 1001g 1004g 1007g
Forearm Length Range 15-21cm 19-23cm 22-25cm 24-32cm
Circumference Range of Cuff 18-25cm 21-24cm (WCP + Velcro Strap)*
27-29cm (WCP + Velcro Strap)*
27-29cm (WCP + Velcro Strap)*
Height Ranges of User
(Appropriate SmartCRUTCH Lower Leg fitted to
the order based on users height)
122-127cm 136-145cm (400mm Lower leg)
146-155cm (500mm Lower leg)
156-165cm (600mm Lower leg)
166-185cm (600mm Lower leg)
186-195cm (700mm Lower leg)
146-155cm (500mm Lower leg)
156-165cm (600mm Lower leg)
166-185cm (600mm Lower leg)
186-195cm (700mm Lower leg)
166-185cm (600mm Lower leg)
186-195cm (700mm Lower leg)
Elbow Height Range at 20º- 60º Angle
75-78cm 76-118cm 86-120cm 96-126cm
Elbow Height Range at the 60º – 90º
Angle Setting
71-75cm 72-115cm 82-116cm 92-122cm
User Weight Limit – NON-Weight
Bearing Use (used to swing through)
50kgs 120kgs 120kgs 120kgs
User Weight Limit – Weight Bearing
Use (for Stability & Balance)
60kgs 140kgs 140kgs 140kgs

*  : Should your forearm circumference measure in this lower range for this model, then you should also purchase the (WCP)Wing Cuff Pads and the Velcro Straps to achieve a more comfortable fit.

More Mobility! | Less Pressure! | Less Pain!

Feel The Difference!