Colours Redefined : We  Do A Radiant Orange!

smartCRUTCH™ orange is fun and flamboyant, radiates warmth and orange generally shouts out “Hello, look at me!”


orange crutches from smartcrutch

Orange: flamboyant & warm

Orange represents a subjective impression of exuberance. It is associated with fruitfulness, adventure, vigour and wholesomeness. Orange stimulates activity and appetite.

  • Orange is the happiest colour.” Frank Sinatra.
  • Orange is the Netherlands’ national colour, dating back to the Dutch War of Independence and the rebel Prince of Orange.
  • Orange is one of those colours that really stands out, even at a distance. It seems to shout, “Hey, look at me!”
  • Orange Peel: A very strong orange scent, very refreshing, and cooling.
  • Orange is fun, dynamic and radiates warmth. A close relative to red, the energy of orange is gentler and more restrained. uplifts, gives confidence and always injects fun
  • Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.” Wassily Kandinsky

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Lets finish off with a song Orange Crush by R.E.M.

Colour incites instantaneous and profound effect on ones responses and focus.