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How to select the right smartCRUTCH™ Model.

Firstly, you need to decide on the correct model. Here’s how.

  • Click on the image to the “right” (“below” if you’re on a cell phone)
  • There a three model to choose from : Standard, Petite and Junior.
  • Measure your height wearing your preferred pair of shoes, then select a model within your measurements.
  • If your height falls within the “Standard Extended” range – Select the “Standard Crutch”. As you will be asked to input your height in the cart selection process.
  • JUNIOR & PETITE have the same height range. But, the JUNIOR is intended for people with extra small forearms that require additional support by means of inner Wing Pads and Velcro Straps
Then go to the “Shop” page and select the model that’s right for you.
selecting your height for smartcrutch

Now that you have selected the right smartCRUTCH™ model

Below are #4 easy steps to guide you through the shopping cart process

Select a pair or single crutch
Select the colour for your smartcrutch
selecting your height for smartcrutch
smartcrutch forearm measurements how to

That’s it! your all done now. Just click on the add to cart!

Hint: When you have selected all the options in the shopping cart, the images will change to your required parameters. (Pairs, single and colours that is)

Let’s go Shopping!