How to select the right smartCRUTCH™ Model.

Below are #3 easy measurements you need to take, to guide you through the selection process. Jot each measurement down, then refer to the table below

height limits for smarcrutch
smartcrutch forearm measurements how to

Now Compare & Match Your Measurements With The Models Below.

NOTE: Should your measurements fall in between two models; then it is prefered that you select the larger of the two models

Smartcrutch EXTRA SMALL
(Old Name: Junior)
Smartcrutch SMALL
(New Model)
Smartcrutch MEDIUM
(Old Name: Midi)
Smartcrutch LARGE
(Old Name: Maxi)
Weight of Single SmartCRUTCH 520g 1001g 1004g 1007g
Forearm Length Range 15-21cm 19-23cm 22-25cm 24-32cm
Circumference Range of Cuff 18-25cm 21-24cm (WCP + Velcro Strap)*
27-29cm (WCP + Velcro Strap)*
27-29cm (WCP + Velcro Strap)*
Height Ranges of User
(Appropriate SmartCRUTCH Lower Leg fitted to
the order based on users height)
122-127cm 136-145cm (400mm Lower leg)
146-155cm (500mm Lower leg)
156-165cm (600mm Lower leg)
166-185cm (600mm Lower leg)
186-195cm (700mm Lower leg)
146-155cm (500mm Lower leg)
156-165cm (600mm Lower leg)
166-185cm (600mm Lower leg)
186-195cm (700mm Lower leg)
166-185cm (600mm Lower leg)
186-195cm (700mm Lower leg)
Elbow Height Range at 20º- 60º Angle
75-78cm 76-118cm 86-120cm 96-126cm
Elbow Height Range at the 60º – 90º
Angle Setting
71-75cm 72-115cm 82-116cm 92-122cm
User Weight Limit – NON-Weight
Bearing Use (used to swing through)
50kgs 120kgs 120kgs 120kgs
User Weight Limit – Weight Bearing
Use (for Stability & Balance)
60kgs 140kgs 140kgs 140kgs

* : Should your forearm circumference measure in this lower range for this model, then you should also purchase the (WCP)Wing Cuff Pads and the Velcro Straps to achieve a more comfortable fit.

Guide and Note information for the Model Selection

Our grouping of measurements will be fine for most customers but if you find that you are outside of any of the options please call us and we can see if there is an option to bespoke the Smartcrutch to suit you best.


  • All measurements to be taken in centimetre (cm).


  • Measure your height in centimetres wearing No shoes. It helps to actually do this as opposed to taking your historic height. Over time your height can differ more that you think.
  • If you are needing to take into account shoes with thick soles, the Smartcrutch leg assembly is telescopic and can be lengthened. If you are the very closetop of a height bracket and have thick soles on your shoes then select the next height bracket up as this bracket will go down lower than the indicated height minimum of this bracket

Forearm Length

  • When measuring always do it with your forearm in a bended fashion even if you are not going to use the Smartcrutch in this
  • Accuracy is important here so if you can have someone help you to take the measurement on the inside of your forearm from your elbow crease to the last crease in your wrist (start of the palm of your hand).
  • Do not measure from your elbow.
  • Use a builders measuring tape and put the silver end into your elbow crease.
  • Rather round down to the nearest whole number. Rounding up on the forearm measurement can cause the incorrect size being ordered.

Forearm Circumference

  • For most accurate measurement of your forearm circumference please use a knitting measuring tape.

That’s it! your all done now. Just click the button below to access the shop!

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