For smart crutches it was  important to develop a more comfortable, safe, and effective crutch for crutch users. Crutch Biomechanics  was the Key Focus of the design leading to a more ergonomic walking aid.


July 2020

Ailments Requiring Smart Crutches


SmartCRUTCH Modular Design, provides optimum mobility and comfort to people ailing from Guillain Barre Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ehlers-Danlos.

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smartCrutch Spares


Wondering if you can obtain crutch spares? At smartcrutch all crutch components are replaceable and are stocked in the UK. smartCRUTCH™ a smart choice.

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Crutch Reviews


Smartcrutch Ergonomic design reduces Hand and Wrist Pain associated with the use of conventional forearm crutches. smart crutch reviews reveal this here.

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Crutch Accessories


Smart Crutch Accessories were developed to enhance functionality of crutches. Upper arm supports, Velcro straps, foot ferrule and soft comfy sports grip.

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Crutches Comparison


Compare the smartCRUTCH design, to conventional forearm crutches and axillary crutches. Smartcrutch reduces compressive forces on the hands and wrists.

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