crutches from smart crutch are innovative in design, modular in concept and are forearm crutches with a touch of class, that make mobility a whole new experience.

November 2022

Crutch Reviews


Smartcrutch Ergonomic design reduces Hand and Wrist Pain associated with the use of conventional forearm crutches. smart crutch reviews reveal this here.

Crutch Reviews2022-11-25T13:00:48+00:00

April 2022

Smart Crutches Videos


Smart Crutches Videos explaining crutch Adjustments, Features, Benefits and History, as well as Mobility Enhancements gained by using the crutches.

Smart Crutches Videos2022-04-29T13:51:31+01:00

March 2022

Crutches Comparison


Compare the smartCRUTCH design, to conventional forearm crutches and axillary crutches. Smartcrutch reduces compressive forces on the hands and wrists.

Crutches Comparison2022-04-08T13:58:34+01:00

February 2022

Ailments Requiring Smart Crutches


SmartCRUTCH Modular Design, provides optimum mobility and comfort to people ailing from Guillain Barre Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ehlers-Danlos.

Ailments Requiring Smart Crutches2022-04-29T13:56:48+01:00

Crutches for Rheumatoid Arthritis


smartCRUTCH assists significantly with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Relieving pressure from your joints and promoting comfort. Proven to work with arthritis!

Crutches for Rheumatoid Arthritis2022-02-16T13:23:42+00:00

Smart Crutch Specifications


smartcrutch specifications include the best lightweight materials, designed for maximum adjustments and comfort. smartcrutch is CE and FDA registered

Smart Crutch Specifications2022-04-12T11:30:28+01:00


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