Crutches for EDS

As many of you will be aware, my 12 year old son Jason has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, PoTS & Chronic Pain Syndrome.
When outside the house he had a wheelchair as he can not manage walking distances without chronic pain.

Pain Relief

In the past Jason has used standard hospital issue crutches, but he could never use them for long periods as they would put way too much strain on his wrists, hands & shoulders. Because of the pain using standard crutches would leave him in he would always opt for his wheelchair over using crutches.

And the most fantastic part of these SmartCRUTCH is the adjustable arms!! This is what makes them so unique. No longer is all the pressure placed on your hands/wrists! The weight is spread evenly over your forearm & they have many settings so you can find what degree angle you are most comfortable with.

EDS user of smart crutches