Wow thanks you were right!

Sending me the purple was a good decision as I love this shade of purple after my initial indecision.
Thank you.

The junior crutch is just perfect for me especially with the wonderful new entirely padded closed junior cuff! With the standard size it rubbed and bashed my arm as I walked where it was too wide inside, too long in the forearm and had no full padding round.

The difference in comfort and support is really noticeable with the Velcro closed cuff, complete padding and the shorter length of the arms to the handgrip.

I don’t know how I ever managed before!

Smartcrutch truly is fully adjustable in forearm length, wrist to grip length, angle of major forearm support, not just the height only as with standard issue basic NHS forearm crutches.
So my review is 20/10 for comfort, support, ease of use, quality and personal adaptability!
Distinction awarded too for listening to suggestions, problem solving for users and continously improving on the original good basic initial design!


They look great, trendy, modern even eye catching! Since my first use of Smartcrutch they have been a continual talking point and many a conversation opener, especially with other disabled.

It has been satisfying to introduce smart crutches and their benefits to physios, occupational therapists, rheumatologists, A&E staff, orthopaedic consultants and others who advise those struggling with sticks or basic elbow crutches because of a variety of reasons.

Some like me have little relief from carpal tunnel syndrome in wrists, weak grip, dislocating or damaged shoulders, elbows, wrist joints, hypermobility, EDS, other disorders and disabilities, which all are exacerbated by using crutches… until now… smart crutches really help!Be it reduced demands on arms, wrists, hands, elbows, shoulders, be it strain, pressure, weight distribution, grip, angle, height, smart crutches help to alleviate further effects.

I don’t know how I ever managed before!

I love how simple they are to adjust from day to day, as our needs vary depending on too many reasons to list.
Most of all I appreciate the efforts of smart crutches to listen then come up with further enhancements and adaptations that increase comfort, providing better support, whether for short term users or in order to improve the mobility of so many battling daily with walking.

I know that our members of Preston & Chorley fibromyalgia, hypermobility and chronic pain support group are really excited to try our for themselves the sample adult and petite versions of smart crutches you sent.

Please would it be at all possible to have a closed velcro cuff for the adult or petite pairs?
Having recently bought my own new junior pair with the closed velcro cuff which I am happily using continually, I am aware of the improvements. I am unable or reluctant to share them, as mine are priceless for my independence and mobility.

I know I could never go back. These smart crutches are worth trying and no doubt worthwhile buying!
I want to introduce them to as many people as possible who will benefit greatly with using smart crutches.
If you could send me some flyers or business cards that would be really helpful to share too.

Thanks again.