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January 2015

smartcrutch, Improvements in shoulder and wrist pain


Potsyzebra recommends smartCRUTCH, Living Life with Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Reduced Pain!

smartcrutch, Improvements in shoulder and wrist pain2017-07-14T13:32:59+01:00

December 2014

SmartCrutch – My Holy Grail for EDS


Lottie said, If you are looking for a more versatile mobility aid for EDS then seriously go check smartcrutch out. "I could't speak more highly of them"

SmartCrutch – My Holy Grail for EDS2018-06-29T14:33:29+01:00

October 2014

Fellow Ehlers-Danlos sufferers use smartcrutch


These crutches have changed my life. Before being recommend smart crutches by a fellow Ehlers-Danlos sufferer I was close to a wheelchair.

Fellow Ehlers-Danlos sufferers use smartcrutch2016-06-23T14:04:24+01:00

August 2014

EDS user reviews smartCRUTCH™


Ehlers Danlos Syndrome user Sarah, reviews crutches and said "To all EDS sufferers reading this get yourself a set of smartcrutches!"

EDS user reviews smartCRUTCH™2017-07-14T13:32:59+01:00

Namuni reviews smartcrutch


He had ligament damage to his hand but with these smart crutches, no more pain in his hand. In fact he's just gone out to throw the ball for the dog.

Namuni reviews smartcrutch2017-07-14T13:33:00+01:00

Comfortable crutch review by Julia


With smart crutches the difference in comfort and support is really noticeable. My review is 20/10 for comfort, support, quality and personal adaptability!

Comfortable crutch review by Julia2017-07-14T13:33:00+01:00

Forearm Crutch reviews by Emma Jones


And the fantastic part of these cool SmartCRUTCH is the adjustable arms!! making them so unique. No longer is all the pressure placed on your hands/wrists!

Forearm Crutch reviews by Emma Jones2019-03-26T08:40:06+00:00


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