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EXTRA SMALL Measurements & Notes

  • Smartcrutch EXTRA SMALL is intended for smaller forearms circumferences measuring  between 18 cm and 25 cm.
  • Cuff length 200 mm from handle to top of cuff.
  • Height Range from 122 cm to 160cm.
  • Designed for children between the ages of 6 years old and 11 years old.
  • Will also accommodate adults with a slight/petite build.
  • Weight Limit for Non Weight Bearing use is 50kg (Swinging through the SmartCRUTCH with both legs).
  • Weight Limit for Weight Bearing use is 60kgs (Using the SmartCRUTCH for stability and balance whilst walking).
  • Smartcrutch EXTRA SMALL is supplied and fitted with the Flexyfoot Collar & Ferrule.


Specification Smartcrutch EXTRA SMALL
Weight of Single SmartCRUTCH 520g
Forearm Length Range 15-21cm
Circumference Range of Cuff 18-25cm
Height Ranges for user with length of
lower leg used at that range
128-160cm (with Flexyfoot)
Elbow Height Range at 20º- 60º Angle
79-100cm (with Flexyfoot)
Elbow Height Range at the 60º – 90º
Angle Setting
76-98cm (with Flexyfoot)
User Weight Limit – NON-Weight
Bearing Use (used to swing through)
User Weight Limit – Weight Bearing
Use (for Stability & Balance)

smartCRUTCH™ – Ergonomic Crutches designed for comfort, stability and durability. Buy crutches online at smartcrutch uk, and say goodbye to traditional crutches. With smartCRUTCH™ you will discover a new mobility experience, offering comfort without the associated pain to your hands and wrists.

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Additional information

Weight 2.25 kg
Dimensions 79 × 22 × 12 cm
Pair or Single

Pair (L + R), Left Crutch, Right Crutch


Black, Blue, Purple, Grey, Red, Pink

Your Height

122 – 127cm, 128 – 160cm (with Flexyfoot)

Your Forearm Length

15 cm, 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm

Forearm Circumference

18 – 25 cm


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