Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Erin Simons  from EDS  UK 02-01-2014

Hi Jason,

I hope you’re well and had a great Christmas break.

I have just received this from the winner of the Smart Crutch competition and thought you might like it for your Facebook page?

From the winner Laura Beth Haigh

“Can I just say a huge thank you for choosing me to win the crutches. They really do help with the pain in my wrists & thumbs & surprisingly if I change the angle of the arm supports I can actually relieve a lot if the strain on my shoulders which are very weak. They have been such a huge help to me & have even meant that I’m not in my wheel chair as much because they don’t cause as much strain as my old ones did.

Thank you thank you thank you.

They have even meant that with help from my fella I was able to cook Xmas dinner for 15 people this year. Hope you had a great Christmas. You really helped make mine great!”

Laura Beth Haigh

Thank you so much for the kind donation once again, it really has made a huge difference for someone.

Kind regards

Erin Simons EDS UK

Zoe Lewis Testimonial – 05/05/2012

Hi Colin

I received my crutches and wow they are amazing! They really do help! I have ligament damage and recurrent dislocations in my wrists and so cannot use the normal arm crutches, these are so different and a God send. I have bought some foam board and lined the crutches on the upper arm part as it is needed a bit more padding round the cuff to fit me snugly :-)

Thank you again for all your help, they are amazing !!! And they look reall cool too! Its a shame you don’t have them in Zebra print for all the people with EDS as we call ourselves Zebras which is the medical term for people with a rare disease :-)

I will be putting a review on FB and the EDS site, so you should get quite a few people purchasing them :-)

I’m so please with them! Thank you!

Zoe Lewis

 Ria Hocky Testimonial – 03/01/2011

Hi Colin,

I just wanted to say thank you for your help. I have received my crutches and I have to say they are amazing!! Certainly going to make a difference to my life.

I will be recommending them to other Ethlers-Danlos sufferers.

Thanks again


 Sue – 20/06/2011

I would also like to add that for people with our condition these crutches are a life saver as we have weak connective tissue and being able to have less pressure being put through our upper bodies really helps. When I went for my 6 monthly review at Stanmore, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, London, my consultant was so impressed he took a photo of my crutches as a colleague of his is researching into what makes an “ideal” crutch. I have recommended you to a number of my fellow EDS sufferers and they have all said the crutches are amazing.

Thank you so much for designing them!!

The only negative is that they don’t come in purple – lol!!

Sue xx